Langley Mill Academy is part of Djanogly Learning Trust.
Information about the Trust can be found

Langley Mill Academy



Senior Leadership Team

 Mr J Richardson - Head Teacher 

Mr A Bland – Deputy Head Teacher 

Mrs J Naylor - Assistant Head (Pastoral)


Senior Management Team

Miss G Deo - Lower KS2 Phase Lead

Mr L Moreledge - Upper KS2 Phase Lead

Mr L Blake - Learning Mentor

Mrs A Pappa - Teacher of the Deaf and Special Educational Needs Lead


Mrs J Lawler - School Business Manager

Mrs S Bignell – School Business Assistant 


Teaching staff

  Year 3:    Mrs M Beighton   Mrs P Jackson   Miss R Armstrong

Year 4:      Mrs S Connellan    Mr Wood    

   Year 5:     Mrs Roberts   Mrs L Simcox    Mrs Dables   Mr Pidcock

               Year 6:   Mr Morledge   Miss G Deo  


Teaching assistants

 Year 3: Miss M Smith    Mrs J Shaw    Miss S Hallsworth 

      Year 4:  Mrs R Pepperday   Mrs J Garratt   

 Year 5: Mrs J Ault     Mrs J Buxton-Hart    Miss A Clark  Mrs J Buxton-Hart

Year 6:    Mrs J Garratt   Mrs H Blake


Pastoral Team

 Mrs J Naylor - Pastoral Lead

Miss S Robb - Family Resource Worker 

Mr L Blake - Learning Mentor 


Caretaker and cleaning staff

Mr Hill - Site Manager 

Mrs S Robinson - Site Assistant 

Mrs N Heath    Mr S Whitehouse


Midday Supervisors

Mrs G Keatley – Senior Midday Supervisor

 Mrs J Brown   Mrs J McKenna    Mrs A Mee   

 Mrs E Sloman   


Catering Staff

Mrs E Jones– Cook in Charge

 Mrs M Crisp    Mrs C Nelson    Mrs N Taylor