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Holidays in Term Time

  • In September 2013 the Education (Pupil Registration)(England) (Amendment) Regulations 2013 came into force. These regulations make it clear that Headteachers should not grant approval for any leave of absence during term-time, including holidays, unless there are exceptional circumstances.
  • Any requests should be on an official school absence request form and handed into the school office for consideration prior to any holiday/leave arrangements being made - at least 10 school days before the holiday is planned.
  • You may be issued with a Penalty Notice should leave be taken which is not authorised.  This will be issued from the Local Education Authority Education Welfare Service.

Penalty notices are currently £60.00 per child per parent if paid within 30 days or £120.00 per child per parent if paid after 30 days.


To help children achieve their very best in school it is important that they are both good attenders and punctual. 

Teachers greet pupils into the classroom at 8.20am and registers are taken at 8.30am every day. Registers remain open for 10 minutes after the official start time. Pupils are marked as late (L) if they arrive after the official start time (8:30am) but before the registers close. For pupils arriving after 8:40am, an unauthorised mark (U) will be recorded.

Our support for Attendance 

Parents play a pivotal role in supporting children to arrive on time every day so they are calm, focused and ready to learn. Our school Pastoral Team, including Miss Robb, Family Support Worker, are available to work with all families to secure good school attendance. Mrs Naylor, our Pastoral Assistant Head, is our senior leader responsible for attendance and Mrs Bignell,  is our Attendance Officer. 

Every School Day Counts