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Deaf Studies Curriculum Topic outline






Emotions.  This term we will be looking at positive and negative emotions, how these are expressed* and when they occur.  We will use stories, drama and pictures to explore the different feelings we have in BSL & English.  We will also be thinking about what we can do to help and care for others and for our surroundings.


 Identity.  There are many deaf organisations, both locally and nationally.  We will be finding out about some of these.  We will also be thinking about motivation and discover more about deaf theatre.













Communication. British Sign Language is not an international sign language.  We will investigate other sign languages from around the world.  We will also learn other strategies we or others can use to help ease communication when Sign Language isn't used.


Communication technology. This term we will learn about the equipment and devices available to assist deaf people.  We will also be planning a presentation to take round the classes / perform to the whole school, about Deaf Awareness.


Deaf Community and culture.  We will learn about the different types of Educational provision available for deaf pupils and discuss their feelings around these.  We will continue our links with the other local ERF provisions and join up for an activity.


History.  This unit looks at famous deaf people from Britain and abroad.  We will also spend some time focussing on personal safety in preparation for the 6 weeks holidays.