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Langley Mill Academy

Extra-Curricular Activities

Opportunities for children change throughout the year.  In previous years extra-curricular activities have included:






Ukulele lessons

Clarinet lessons

Flute lessons

Guitar lessons



Educational visits: Eden Camp, Space Centre, Lea Green, Local Schools, Local Churches, the local area.

Visitors to school: Theatre Group, MP, Childline, St John's Ambulance, Derbyshire Police

Throughout the year we encourage as many children as possible to take part in sport outside of school.  Children often bring medals, belts, certificates and trophies that they have gained outside of school to show as they are keen to share their successes. 

We have increased our participation in local sports' competitions the past few years. These have included football matches with local schools, participation in the Gregg Cup and basketball competitions. Through the Amber Valley Sport's Partnership we take part in activities and competitions throughout the year, for example, we are currently Boccia champions for Amber Valley.  Other competitions we have taken part in are Futsal and High Five Netball.  The Sport's Partnership will also be providing Bikeability training for Y5 again after successful training last year.