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There is a greater focus on programming, digital editing and animation in our computing curriculum than previously.  Each year the children learn new skills which can be applied across many computer programs and digital devices. This results in Year 6 having a year long project of researching, designing, producing and marketing an android app.  In school we use free programs which enables the children to contiune their learning at home if they so wish.  

Below are links to some of the programs we use in school. 


Scratch is a used by Year 3, 4 and 5.  It  is software which enables programming and animation.


 Inkscape is used in Year 5 to create and manipulate pictures to produce digital artwork.


 Mitt App Inventor is used by Year 6 To create Apps for Android devices.


At present we are very lucky to have 30 laptops, Classroom PC's and 45 iPads   in school.  All classrooms are equiped with Interactive witeboards ensuring the children and staff have constant access to the digital world.