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Langley Mill Academy

Year 6

The staff working in Year 6 are Mrs Roberts (Leeds) , Mrs Dables (Swansea), Mr Bland and Mrs Buxton - Hart

Welcome to 2020 in year 6.

This term will be another busy one, with SATs preparation, a residential visit to Lea Green and numerous opportunities for the children to learn and challenge themselves.

Practise SATs will be held during the week commencing the 20th January.

Lea Green takes place from Wednesday 29th January to Friday 31st January. Those children staying in school will have a full programme of activities that mirror in some way, the events taking place at Lea Green


Our topic: Geography - Volcanoes, Earthquakes and the effects on the local communities



Below are the links to the knowledge organisers:



In Science we will be learning about evolution and inheritance,focusing on the lives of two famous scientists - Chalres Darwin and Mary Anning. We will also study humans and other animals, looking at classification and similarites and differences between species.





Mathematics for this term will follow our school scheme, beginning with  fractions,decimals and percentages, algebra and measures. Parents will also receive a maths newsletter at the start of each 3 week unit which details the children's learning, as well as questions to ask and activities and games to play together so that every child is supported with their mathematics at home.


Grammar, spelling, handwriting and sentence construction are taught daily. Longer pieces of work this term will include :

The Hobbit - JRR Tolkien

Bilbo's Quest

Describing Dragons

Dragon Dilemmas

Non fiction writing linked to the geography and science topics


 Please find below expected minimum homework requirements during this term.

 Reading - Children need to read at home at least three times a week.  It is important children read with a clear understanding and this can only be achieved with continual practice.  

Maths - 1 set per week (Wednesday)

Spelling - 1 set per week (Monday)

Topic -termly


English – 1 piece every 3 -4 weeks (personal learning log) The ‘learning log’ is a piece of individual homework when your child may be imaginative, creative and resourceful in order to produce various pieces of work. Children will present their personal learning to the class throughout the topic and add any resources to our Learning Log Display. 


Please do not hesitate to contact us at school if you wish to discuss any issues regarding your child. We have a wealth of expertise and resources to support children in Year 6 and we are always ready to address any concerns you have, or celebrate any achievements you wish to share. 


Kind regards,

 Year 6 team