Langley Mill Academy

Langley Mill Academy

Langley Mill Academy

School Council

The aim of the school council is to promote citizenship and to give the children a voice within the school.

Each class elects two children to represent them on the school council. If a child wishes to be considered for election they must be nominated by two others class members and deliver a small speech to the class, outlining their plans and actions as a member of school council.

The school council meets regularly with Mrs Naylor and Mrs Cook to discuss school issues, raised by both children and staff. After meetings school council members report back to their classes through class council meetings.


School Councillors 2016/17

3TH  Caitlyn and John

3RA Grace and Jude

4MW Ben and Thea

4RH Thomas and Ruby

5NB Lexi and Jason

5MB Michael and Megan

6AB Elizabeth and Brandon

6HW Sky and Ben

6LR Kyle and Erin

ERF Lydia

In Autumn 2016 we are establishing a Safety Group who are some of the members of the School Council last year. They are looking at aspects of safety around the school.